The Mineralogical Society of Southern California

960th Meeting


 September, 14th, 2018 at 7:30 P.M. 


 What is This Thing Called Science

(An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science

Presented by Dr. Eric Scerri 


 Pasadena City College 

Geology Department, E-Building, Room 220 

1570 E Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 


About us…

The Mineralogical Society of Southern California is dedicated to the dissemination of a general knowledge of the mineralogical and related earth sciences through the study and collecting of mineral specimens. Organized in 1931, it is the oldest mineralogical society in the western United States.
The MSSC is a scientific non-profit organization that actively supports the Pasadena City College Geology Department, its associated Dana Club,, and the Field Science Scholarship Fund. Support is also given to the San Bernardino County Museum of Natural History and Mindat.
The MSSC is affiliated with the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.


About the Program: What is This Thing Called Science (An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science: Presented by Dr. Eric Scerri 

In this, his second lecture to the club, Dr. Scerri will give an introduction to the philosophy of science, while concentrating of the views of the two most influential scholars in the field, namely Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn. He will also discuss developments that have taken place more recently 

including a new approach that he describes in his most recent book, A Tale of Seven Scientists and A New Philosophy of Science. 

Dr. Eric Scerri is an author and UCLA professor specializing in chemistry as well as history and philosophy of science. He has published a dozen books, including six with Oxford University Press, and the definitive book on the Periodic Table of the Elements. Dr. Scerri has given lectures all around the world. Visit his website at 

Speaker Bio

Chuck Houser is a geologist and project manager with SCS Engineers in San Diego.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University from 1986, and a Master’s degree from SDSU from 1997.  His undergraduate thesis was on structural controls and mineralogical indicators for the formation of pockets in the Elizabeth R Mine in Pala, and his master’s thesis was on the tectonic geomorphology and Quaternary history of the Old Woman Springs fault in the western Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County.

Upcoming Events

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  • November 9: Renee Newman: “21st Century Jade: Why It’s Prized, and How It’s Tested and Valued?”
  • December 14: Walton Wright: Plate Tectonics 2

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