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969th Meeting

 June 21, 2019

Program: Mineralogical

Santa Cruz Island

Presented by Dr. Bruce Carter 

Note: the June meeting is on the 21st instead of the 14th, click here for more information

June 21, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Pasadena City College
Building E, Lecture Hall (room 202)
1570 E. Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, California

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The Mineralogical Society of Southern California is dedicated to the dissemination of a general knowledge of the mineralogical and related earth sciences through the study and collecting of mineral specimens. Organized in 1931, it is the oldest mineralogical society in the western United States.
The MSSC is a scientific non-profit organization that actively supports the Pasadena City College Geology Department, its associated Dana Club,, and the Field Science Scholarship Fund. Support is also given to the San Bernardino County Museum of Natural History and Mindat.
The MSSC is affiliated with the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies and American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

About the Program:  Tectonic Geomorphology and the Generation of Mega-floods on Santa Cruz Island, California: An Example of How Detailed Mineralogy Can Shed Light on Major Geologic Events,

presented by Bruce Carter

Santa Cruz Island is part of the Channel Islands National Park that is one of the least visited of all the nation’s National Parks.  Because of its limited access, the island hides many secrets, including evidence of catastrophic events that have implications for many other parts of California.  This presentation will give people a sense of what it is like to explore some of the remotest parts of Santa Cruz Island and study geologic features of great significance to all Californians.  In particular, it is the detailed understanding of mineralogy that provides the key to recognizing and interpreting several catastrophic events that have affected southern California over the past hundreds to hundreds of thousands of years.

This presentation will give a sense of what it is like to explore the remote interior of Santa Cruz Island, including the steep terrain, rough roads, beautiful shoreline coves, unique ecosystems and well-preserved record of ancient human habitation of Santa Cruz Island.  It will help you understand how unexpected geologic features; subtle landscape forms and surprising mineralogical details can lead to recognition of major geological events of great relevance to all Californians.

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