2020 Pacific Micro Mineral Conference

Pacific Micro Mineral Conference

Now is a good time to start making plans to participate in the 55th annual Pacific Micro Mineral Conference. It will be held on the Friday, January 31st through February 2nd 2020, at the very interesting Fallbrook Mineral Museum, 123 Alvarado Street in quiet picturesque Fallbrook CA. It will feature talks by Paul Adams, Joe Marty, and Herwig Pelckmans. As usual there will be overflowing give away and one dollar sales tables with lots of new material. Also as usual there will also be both a silent auction, and a verbal auction of fine micro specimens, as well as a Sunday field trip. As the date approaches additional information will be distributed and will also become available on the MSSC website. Preliminary indications of interest and inquiries can be sent to rhousley@its.caltech.edu.