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Palos Verdes Barite, Sat, Aug 25, 2018

Hi MSSC Fieldtrip Enthusiasts!

The time and location of the next fieldtrip is now set: Saturday, Aug 25, 10:00AM. We will look for baryte crystals at the Long Point area of Palos Verdes, below the Terranea Resort.

The best parking area is located at the Pelican Cove Park, which used to be called Point Vincente Fishing Access in the old days. You should park close to the Terranea Trail head, approximately here: GPS coordinates: 33°44’27.5″N 118°24’07.2″W (33.740974, -118.402008)

The turnoff to the parking lot is only accessible from Palos Verdes Dr South on the eastbound lanes. If you’re coming from east, go further to find a possible U-turn and double back towards the Pelican Cove Park. Arrive around 9:30-9:45 to give you time to unpack and put on the sunscreen. There is ample parking in the morning. We will head down the trail at 10:00AM sharp. Anybody arriving late is welcome to join us down at the beach cliffs of Long Point.

We will walk down the Bluff Top Trail to the bottom below the Nelson’s restaurant, as shown on the attached picture. We turn off from the trail at the beach rocks, where you will see a big rock in the water with an iron pipe cemented on top of it. Then we head west on the beach climbing over some big beach boulders for approx. 300ft. That might be a problem for people with knee troubles, so please be mindful. There is ample material in the shale boulders, no need to dig deep into the veins in the unstable cliffs. You will be able to collect clear barite crystals (up to one inch in size if you’re lucky) and pearly white dolomite. There is also some chalcedony and small pointy quartz crystals points. Remember that baryte is very heavy, so pack only the best pieces — we will be walking uphill back to the parking lot in the full sun. Even half a bucket might become too heavy, so I advise to pack your backpacks instead of buckets.

Bring hammers, chisels, safety glasses, gloves, something to wrap crystal specimens, snacks, a lot of liquids, sunscreen. Large pickaxes are not advisable, as they might convince the resort crews and tourists that the pirates are attacking 😉 Young enthusiasts are welcome too and they should enjoy this trip a lot.

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See you there!

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