Who we are:
We are a group of people within the MSSC who collect and study minerals and crystals so small that they have to be viewed under a microscope to see their beauty. Of the nearly 3600 mineral species that have been described to date, only 800 occur in sizes that can be seen easily with the naked eye. The perfection of small crystals greatly exceeds that of their larger counterparts. Since March of 2006 we have been part of the Mineral Society of Southern California (MSSC).

The microscopic minerals that we collect are usually mounted inside a small box measuring one inch on each side. These are called micromounts. The advantages of micromount and micro-mineral collecting include: a collection consisting of a large number of specimens can be assembled that takes up very little space; small mineral specimens are much more affordable; it is much easier to field collect specimens with small perfect crystals and many more field collecting opportunities are available; and some mineral species only exist as micro-crystals.

Pacific Micromount Conference:
In 2015 the 50th annual Pacific Micromount Conference will be held at the San Bernardino County Museum. It will be on January 30-31, 2015
A field trip will follow on Sunday, February 1.

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For  more information, contact Jennifer Rohl at rohl@earthlink.net.